615. How Technology Has Changed the Way People Sell Real Estate in Edmonds

We Buy Houses In Edmonds Washington. Technical advances continue to march forward at light speed, and technology plays a significant role in the  Edmonds real estate market. These changes have had a transformative effect on Edmonds’ real estate transactions and have transformed the relationship between professional investors and licensed real estate agents. A hybrid agent … Continued

607. How to Sell a House With Unpermitted Work in Woodinville

We Buy Houses In Woodinville Washington. Suppose you have been considering making alterations to your home. In that case, the bottom line is to make sure the work is permitted if required by law to avoid the consequences, which are much more complicated than pulling the permit initially.  While you may believe you and your … Continued

608. 5 Things to Know About Working With Private Lenders in Everett

We Buy Houses In Everett Washington. Maximizing your return on your investments is the name of the game in the business of real estate investing. Leveraging your wealth allows you to realize the highest return on your investments or ROI. Private lenders provide what are known as hard money loans. Generally, these loans are used … Continued

611. 5 Things You Should DIY and 5 You Should Leave to the Pros When Buying Lynnwood Investment Properties

We Buy Houses In Lynnwood Washington. Saving money is a motivating force. When you’re renovating an investment property, the value of sweat equity cannot go unexamined—doing work by yourself when buying Lynnwood investment properties, you can save substantially. It is essential to do your research before getting started and have everything you need on hand … Continued

605. How To Buy a House in Renton Without Using Any of Your Own Money

We Buy Houses In Renton Washington. Stop! Don’t let three little words stand in your way to homeownership, twenty percent down. Many potential buyers believe the falsehood that there is no other way to achieve the downpayment and fail to pursue homeownership or taking advantage of all of the benefits real estate offers. Read on … Continued

604. 5 Signs You Have Owned Your House for Too Long In Edmonds

We Buy Houses In Edmonds Washington. Maybe it is time to move!  Signs may be telling you that the time has come, though you may be ignoring them! Is the thought of moving, dealing with showings, or dread of the entire traditional sale process delaying the inevitable? We’ll explore five signs you have owned your … Continued