Hello! My name is Mike Qiu. My wife Terry and I are the founders of Good As Sold Home Buyers. Terry was born and raised in Kirkland, WA, while I practically lived in every corner of the country, from Massachusetts to Mississippi, to Illinois, and now Seattle for the past 12 years. We are a family of 3 as of October 2018, when this little guy came into our lives!

How We Started

Our first house flip in action

By now, I think most everyone has seen at least 1 if not 10 house flipping shows on various cable TV stations. As boring or cliché as it sounds, watching those shows was how we decided to get started  😊   How hard can it be right??

Our only experience with real estate at the time was being accidental landlords for a condo Terry used to own before we were married. With no construction experience to speak of, we bought and managed to flip our first house in 2015 (we did hire contractors). It was a painful experience and one that wasn’t exactly rewarding at the end either because of the fraction of profit we ended up making versus our expectations. However, we were either stubborn or suckers for punishment at the time, because…

Fast forward years later

We stuck with it, obviously! I ultimately decided to switch careers completely and dedicate all my time to our business. Terry is handling the back-end of the business and some design components, while being the best Mom to our boy.

Why we are still here today?

While we found our first house to flip from a Realtor, what ultimately gave us a business is when we started to work with, and buying houses directly from Homeowners. In my previous career for over a decade, I worked as a Fitness/Lifestyle coach. I spent 6 to 10 hours a day, not only coaching clients on exercise techniques, but also programming and formulating their daily routines and habits to maximize their success. When we decided to find and work with Homeowners that needed to sell, it felt very natural to engage, listen, and empathize with them, while finding a solution that would ultimately work for both of us.   

This is what makes what we do rewarding: being able to help, and be appreciated for what we do for a homeowner and for the neighborhood. We truly believe that even though the income we make keeps the business running, serving others gets us up in the morning, and incentivize us to work hard each day.

Plus, we got pretty darn good at fixing up the houses also 😊

Hi, I’m Kathleen. I am the “implementer” of the business. My role is to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. I have a background in Political Science and initially wanted to pursue a career in law or journalism. Before joining Good As Sold Home Buyers, I gained over a decade of experience in customer service and team management. I also help keep our CEO, Mike, organized and on track with his ideas.

I am a huge fan of movies and “The Green Mile” is one of my all-time favorites. I have watched it countless times and I always get emotional when Tom Hanks’ character, Paul Edgecomb, delivers the line about standing before God and having to justify taking life as part of his job.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, which includes my husband and four children: Alexis, Alexia, Alexus, and Caius. We love going out to eat and having fun together, whether it’s at the park or the beach.

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