569. Pros and Cons of Hiring an Agent to Sell Your House in Bothell

We Buy Houses In Bothell Washington. While circumstances and specifics about properties vary, a traditional real estate listing isn’t a one size fits all sales method. Read on as we explore the pros and cons of hiring an agent to sell your house in Bothell.



Hiring an agent to sell your house in Bothell should mean plenty of foot traffic touring your home during showings, both in person and through virtual tours online. You can rest easy with your real estate agent in your corner, representing your home professionally during walk-throughs while you carry on with your life. The more activity you’ve online and in person, the better your chances of selling your home to a qualified buyer. 


Often, showings are the main obstacle to hiring an agent to sell your house in Bothell. For many, just the thought of strangers walking through their home, either in person or virtually, is disquieting. Rather than go through the stress of being always ready for a showing and feeling overexposed, you could sell your home directly to a cash investor. Doing so resolves the issue of showings because other than the investor and their team, one else will now view the property while you still reside in the home.

Property Condition


If your home is new or in excellent condition and everything is updated, hiring an agent to sell your house in Bothell is a perfect fit. Properties that are in move-in condition are desirable to many buyers. By working with an agent with a network of real estate industry connections, homes often sell before ever having the chance to hit the market.


If your home is in less than perfect condition or needs significant updates or repairs, hiring an agent to sell your house in Bothell may not be the best choice. Selling directly to an investor means that there is no need to schedule inspections or appraisals because they buy homes as they are. You don’t even need to clean, just pack what you want and leave the rest to the investor.

Holding Time


A traditional listing with a real estate agent is better suited as the sales method when time is not a concern. While agents can only provide an average amount of time that listings similar to yours have taken to sell, working with a real estate agent improves your odds significantly of a quick sale. Buyers tend to shy away, thinking that there may be an unseen problem that others found and are avoiding.  Hiring an agent to sell your house in Bothell may be the best choice because the longer a home sits on the market, the less likely it is to sell. You’ll also save time because top agents only work with prequalified buyers.


When time is of the essence, hiring an agent to sell your house in Bothell may not be the right option. Selling directly to an investor offers the benefit of speedy closings, some in as little as seven days. Professional investors call upon their team of experienced professionals to swiftly process every aspect of your transaction. Having this team at hand means everything happens swiftly. You save time by selling directly to a cash investor, with the ability to skip all the traditional red tape and time-consuming steps that accompany buyers’ qualifications for the loan. 



Top agents include all the latest technology innovations in their marketing plans, including professional photography and virtual tours. These agents will sell your house in Bothell, listing on the MLS as well as the most highly trafficked sites online. Knowing that you have a professional agent representing you during all phases of the process, meeting every deadline, and handling everything, including all of the complicated paperwork, is well worth the expense.


When hiring an agent to sell your house in Bothell, you may pay commissions and other fees associated with the transaction, including broker fees and closing costs. You’ll also be responsible for expenses related to marketing. There is no marketing to pay for out of pocket by selling directly to an investor. No commissions or other professional inspection or appraisal fees will come off the top. A direct investor will make an offer that you agree is fair. The offer you receive is the amount of cash you’ll walk away with from the closing table.

Sell My House In Bothell WA

Good As Sold Home Buyers can do it all! We have combined all of the benefits of a real estate agent with those of a cash investor. We are Bothell WA Homebuyers and that’s where we can help. At Good As Sold Home Buyers, working with one of our hybrid agents means they can act as cash investors, thereby eliminating any of the cons you may find in hiring an agent to sell your house in Bothell. Ready to learn more about how Good As Sold Home Buyers can help you with our hybrid agent investors? Send us a message or call (425) 366-7574 today!

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