Coronavirus Relief Through Buying Houses

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The COVID-19 and its effect on many people/businesses have been devastating. We understand many folks living paycheck to paycheck will have a hard time making ends meet as the effort to control the spread of this virus intensifies and prolongs into the future.  

We want to try and lend a hand…

In combination with our house buying efforts, for every house we buy, we want to offer $1000 each for 2 families. This will go on indefinitely until the “curve” has flattened, and everyone is back to work as usual.

Our buying process stays the same during this current situation. We take our time to assess the property, and we make it abundantly clear to every homeowner what we believe their best options are, even if it means NOT selling to us. No low-ball offers, no hard-sell tactics.

We buy houses that needs a little, or a lot of work. We also buy nice, pretty looking houses, but only if selling to us is one of the last options, since these houses will always go for more if listed on the open market instead.

How It Works:

  • If we buy directly from you as the owner, we will ask that you recommend 2 families for us to help.
  • If you refer us a house that we end up buying, we will help 1 family of your recommendation, and a family of the homeowner’s.
  • If you do not have a family in mind, we can support a local business of your choosing using creative ways, depending on the type of business.
  • Lastly, as always, we pay $2000 referral fee for every house we buy. In this case, the referral fee will be on top of the relief funds that we pledge.

What To Do

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  • Good As Sold Home Buyers BBB Business Review
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If you would like to refer us to a homeowner that is interested in selling, please call or text us at (425) 366-7574, or email Mike at We will be in touch with you right away.

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