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The novel coronavirus has altered the business landscape around the US, where it has hit hardest. For the first time in recent history, people’s health and safety are the priority, not profit. Millions of people in the US are collectively staying at home to reduce the spread of COVID-19. With the closure of businesses, we have had to find ways to cooperate digitally for the benefit of our communities and loved ones. 

Social distancing and virtual learning have replaced classrooms and offices, and we are more vigilant when it comes to our prioritizing our health and safety. There are challenges, however, when it comes to selling a home during this epidemic.

Buying a home for most people is a big decision, and they might be hesitant to move forward with a purchase during this time. The real estate industry relies on showings and direct contact between different parties to sell a property. With the advent of COVID-19, the nature of this sector is evolving to accommodate social distancing regulations.

There are ways to facilitate the process of selling a home during the epidemic, and they rely on the use of technology.

Perhaps you are wondering, “How do I sell my house without showing it?” Just as we have been using virtual tools to connect with co-workers, friends, and family, you can connect with a potential buyer the same way.

Traditional options range from posting online to hiring a real estate agent. Nowadays, you can sell your home to serious cash buyers without an intermediary and without listing it online. We are going to cover the ways you can sell your home during the COVID-19 epidemic. By using virtual tools and taking the right precautions, you can sell your home safely, quickly, and without hassle.

How has the Real Estate Market Changed?

Federal law categorizes real estate and the transactions that fall under it as an essential business. However, each state can still implement “stay at home” orders that prevent people from showing and viewing homes. If you are not sure whether there are restrictions in your state, you can reach out to a local real estate agent for information.

In places where laws are less strict, some homeowners are leaving their houses, and the interested buyers visit the home in their absence. Although this may seem like the only solution in the interim, groups of people visiting your home is risky during an epidemic. With every viewing, you must re-sanitize surfaces to prevent yourself and others from potentially contracting the virus.

It’s important to note that just because some states are slowly re-opening business, it doesn’t mean that the risk of contracting COVID-19 is gone. We must still take precautions until the discovery of a vaccine. That includes minimizing contact between buyers and sellers and not accepting groups of more than ten people for a showing.

In the meantime, you can show your house virtually through pictures, pre-recorded videos, and live walk throughs with potential buyers.   

Should I Wait Until Quarantine is Over to Sell my Home?

Before the nationwide closures, real estate indicators were leaning towards a strong spring market for home sales. Because some people are not able to continue showing homes during the pandemic, they have opted to remove their listing from the market.

You don’t have to wait until “stay at home” orders end to sell your house. There are plenty of buyers who are still looking for homes. It might be in your best interest to sell now, as you’re more likely to get the best cash value with less competition. Furthermore, there is a chance that the economy will suffer for some time if we enter a recession.

Fewer people will buy homes for the next year or so, and the value of your property will drop significantly in the event of a recession. Selling your home before the lockdown is over ensures that you’ll be able to sell at a faster rate at a suitable price.

Real estate agents aren’t the only way to sell your home, especially when there are end buyers who don’t require inspections or feasibility periods.

Can I Sell My House Without Showings?

Selling your house virtually without showings is possible and straightforward with digital tools like Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Hangouts, and Zoom. Below, you can see some ways to sell your house virtually with the use of technology:


You can take tasteful and flattering images of your home that show off its best features and post them online. You can also send them directly to prospective buyers. Listings that have pictures are more likely to get leads and serious buyers than those that have none.

Pre-recorded videos

Another way to show your home is by taking a pre-recorded video of the premises. With tasteful décor and good lighting, your buyer sees all the details of the house before they contact you. When you have a video posted, people are more likely to express interest in your home, especially during the lockdown.

Live video

This method is the best way to connect with a serious buyer. If a buyer expresses interest in the listing you have, you can offer a live digital walk through. A live video is the best way to show them the house and answer any questions that they have on the spot. The buyer may request more time in a particular room or may have specific requests that are possible with a live walk through.

Open house video tour

A tour like this is perhaps one of the more creative options that save time. With a virtual group tour, you can show your house to several people in one video. There are several benefits to a group home showing. It allows buyers to see that there is competition for the house, will enable you to answer questions, and minimizes the risk of contact.

Seek a different type of buyer

Some buyers in the market are willing to make you an offer for your property without seeing it first. There are also end buyers who place a sizeable down payment upfront, without the involvement of a real estate agent.

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What Should I do If a Potential Buyer Insists on a Live Showing?

In some cases, a potential buyer will insist on a live showing of your home despite seeing it on photos and videos. Ideally, we wouldn’t recommend showing the house if there is an alternative. However, if it is a must, there are some precautions that you can take and ask both the buyer and the real estate agent to take before showing your home.

Insist on small groups or a sole viewer

You have the right to limit the number of people who visit your property. For example, you can request that only one or two people can come for the showing. Large groups are not permitted and should not be in your home for safety precautions.

Take hygienic precautions

Even with all the information available regarding hygiene, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you must show your home, have hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, masks, and gloves ready. Use them, and ask your visitors to use them as well. You have the right to refuse entry if a guest does not comply with your rules.

Limit contact between people and on surfaces

You can always leave your home when the potential customer comes to see the house. If you would rather be present, make sure to keep a safe distance away from the other party. Do not shake hands, and try to limit the touching of surfaces. Disinfect your home afterward for good measure, preferably with products that are approved by the EPA.

Take Measures to Limit Touching

To do this, we suggest opening all doors beforehand, in addition to turning all the lights on. You may also keep cabinet and closet doors open if necessary, or you can offer to open them yourself if you are the one showing the house.  

Is There Anything I can do to Expedite Selling my House?

If you are opting for the traditional route and are selling your home through a real estate listing, taking these steps can make your home look appealing. With a little elbow grease and some tips, your home gains a competitive edge.

  1. Clean the house and spruce up the surrounding area: A potential buyer will look at the cleanliness of the space, regardless if it is easy to clear out later. A space that looks well-maintained and clean has a much better aesthetic appeal and is more likely to attract a potential buyer
  2. Use lighting to your advantage: There is a reason why photographers, artists, and videographers wait for the perfect light to capture the scene they want. Light has the potential to make the most appealing aspects of your home pop out, and give it a cozy or sharp atmosphere depending on its theme. Notice when your house looks best during the day, and take pictures during that time for the best effect
  3. Fix broken windows and other items before you show: Although plenty of buyers are happy to purchase your home as-is, try to take care of some repairs. If you’re going through an agent, prospective buyers and the agent will want a renovated space without needing to maintain it immediately after purchase
  4. Channel your inner interior designer: Making your home look appealing to prospective buyers goes a long way. If you make a little effort to decorate the home with the accents you already have, it might be the reason why someone chooses your home above others. The better your listing looks, the more likely people will be able to envision what they can do with the room
  5. Use more than one avenue to sell your home: If you have decided to list your house online, you can do so through several platforms. It is usually possible to do so if you’re not working with an agent. The more places your home is listed, the higher the chance that a potential buyer will contact you. You can list the house online, but don’t forget to put it in your local newspaper as well.

Are There Alternatives to Listing Online?

There are alternatives to listing online, and they are often better for the homeowner than a traditional listing with a real estate company. Some buyers do not buy a home they otherwise would have considered because of a pushy agent or a contract that doesn’t make sense.

The problem is not only for the potential buyer, but the homeowner as well. You might have to give in to the demands of a pushy client who wants to see the house (along with the entire family). Other times, it is the agent who gives you the headache, with demands and contractual requirements that aren’t what you were expecting.

The alternative to listing online is working with serious buyers who don’t complicate the process of selling your house.

There are cash buyers in the Seattle area who are willing to buy your home in almost any condition it happens to be and at the fairest price. One example of this is Good As Sold Home Buyers. Serving the Seattle area, our family-owned company buys your house at fair market value, and we take your property as-is.

Some of the benefits of working with Good As Sold Home Buyers is that our process is smooth and transparent. Our team does its best to see that you’re happy with the price you receive, and we are willing to view your home remotely without having to go to your home.

Another perk of working with us is that we are the end buyers. There is no intermediary or real estate agency that takes over, and we work directly with you to ensure that we close as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Additionally, we deposit your money within days of working out a deal with you. This deposit is much higher than what other buyers might offer, which is often less than $1,000. We work with homeowners in good faith, and we take pride in helping people sell their homes happily, without hidden clauses and unpleasant surprises.

We do not take commission because we are the end buyers. We also respect your time and work with you to negotiate a price that suits both parties and is above what you would receive from other buyers.

The best part of working with our team at Good As Sold Home Buyers is that we don’t require formal inspections or appraisals on your property. Unless your home has severe structural damage that is extraordinary, we will buy your house in its present condition. You neither have to worry about décor, cleaning, nor maintenance before a showing as we have seen it all.

There are probably a handful of reasons why you might want to sell your house fast this spring. Whether its property that you’ve inherited or one that’s facing foreclosure, we are willing to work a deal with you that aligns with the market value of your home.

Our contracts are transparent and don’t have confusing loopholes that benefit one party over another. There’s absolutely no pressure to close if you’re not in a hurry, and you can choose the date you’d like to sell your house.

Listing your house comes with several disadvantages, one of them being that you’ll waste your time with buyers who don’t take your time seriously. Others may know that you have to sell your home quickly and will take advantage of this by offering you a much lower price.

While working with us, you’ll never have to worry about being taken advantage of, and we take care of the “dirty work” on your property, so you don’t have to. We buy houses virtually in Seattle and are ready to see yours when it’s best for you.

Are you Ready to Sell Your House?

COVID-19 may have had a significant effect on our lives, but it has also shown us that we can adapt to our circumstances. It is up to us to show responsibility towards ourselves and others by following health guidelines and being mindful when it comes to social distancing.

The traditional way of conducting business in the real estate sector is changing to accommodate the restriction of movement that came with the quarantine. Although this is good when it comes to fighting the spread of the disease, it poses challenges for people who want to buy or sell a home.

Selling a home during the pandemic is still possible, and it is better to do so now than wait. At Good As Sold Home Buyers, we don’t complicate the process and buy your house in a matter of days. You don’t have to be stuck with bills and other payments tied to the home you want to sell. 

Don’t wait for indecisive buyers or go through an agency to sell your home. At Good As Sold Home Buyers, you’ll work with professionals who won’t give you a hard time, have a straightforward approach, and will pay cash for your property when others won’t.

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